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PAB EMSON is a Singer, Pianist, Composer, Producer, and Mixer born in the south of France. Coming from two parents professional musicians, music has always been in his life. Instead of watching cartoons as a child, he was admiring live performances on TV of artists such as Jaco Pastorius and Alain Caron. Classically trained, he started playing the piano when he was 6, singing when he was 8, and began composing and music production at 12. Performing has always been a part of his life; he began shows for general audiences of 1,500 people for summer events around his hometown from 2009 to 2012. Later on, with his musician family he moved to the Principality of Monaco. As soon as he arrived there, PAB dedicated himself to working towards achieving his childhood dream to move to the United States and evolve as an Artist. Finishing with the highest honors in high school, he was noticed by people of the principality who believed and supported him in his goal to study at the prestigious music school Berklee College of Music in Boston (USA). 

He was the opening of the DJ/ARTIST KUNGS (no. 1 on the Charts in France, Switzerland and Germany, no. 2 on the UK Single Charts) at the Monte-Carlo Sporting “Salle des Étoiles” for the MC SUMMER CONCERT. During this event, he demonstrated his potential and weeks later received the help from donors to start his first year at Berklee College of Music. In his first semester at the school, after an extensive audition process, he was chosen to participate in the shows directed by Rob Lewis (Christina Aguilera, New Kids on the Block, Toni Braxton, VH1, MTV, Lewis worked on Grammy Award-winning singles/albums) and Ash Rodriguez (Lana Del Rey, Robin Thicke, John Legend, The Tonight Show etc.). Pab makes everything from Writing, to Production, Mixing and Mastering. Before performing this Summer 2022 in Europe as a solo artist, he finished hundreds of unreleased Songs & Productions ready to use where he did everything himself, while also participating in different projects with other talented artists. In addition, Pab just finished the preparation of his new Live Set and cannot wait to be on stage for the 2022/2023 Season with his new original creation !

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